The Problem:

The idea of identifying and inhibiting the effects of a protein responsible for muscle cell growth and differentiation is not new. Myostatin, a protein included under a basic group of growth factors, TGF-beta, has multiple effects at the muscle cell level. This protein can alter of different steroids on muscle, including testosterone.

Myostatin has overall negative effects on muscle. It is known that animals lacking myostatin or those treated with an agent that blocks myostatin have significantly greater muscle mass. Mutation in the myostatin gene make-up are known to cause enhanced muscle bulk and strength in humans and animals. An example is the well known Belgian Blue Bulls:

The use of myostation inhabitition has been suggested as a potential treatment for muscular dystrophy.

Inhibiting Myostatin:

The Net effect of inhibiting myostation is to produce an increase in muscle size, strength and endurance. A number of treatments have been proposed, including the use of follistatin, all with limited or no effect. Conflicting reports have been noted. Another issue surrounds a confusion should the inhibitor be administered by local injection into a single muscle with the anticipation of overall generalized improvement in systemic muscle function? should the inhibitor be given by other means-oral or intravenous?

Unmasking Myostatin Inhibition by Amino Acid Sequencing.

It has long been known that certain amino acids exert specific effects on muscle. for example, L-argininr is associated with synthesis of creatine an energy source for muscle constraction. It also serves as the base for Synthesis of nitrous oxide promoting vascularity of muscle tissue. L-taurine has been used in studies of muscular dystrophy.

The effect of a specific group of amino acids-peptide complex on myostatin was never studied in the clinical arena until 2016, when a study published in a peer reviewed international medical journal sought to explore the effects of altering myostatin through 'oral tolerance therapy' by means of amino acid supplementation:
- Bailey RO, Desai B, Heim RR,
- et al, Competitive Inhibition of
- Myostatin in the Management
- Of Sarcopenia and Muscle
- Wasting Disease
- Implications for primary
- Progressive Multiple
- Sclerosis. Int J MS Care 2006;
- 18:88 suppl 1.

The Study compared three populations: a nornal over the age of 40 group in whom normal loss of muscle bulk as a consequence of aging was identified , a group having muscle disease oincluding muscular dystrophy, and a group having lost muscle bulk as a consequence severe neurologic injury. The result were impressive! not onlywas there a descrese in serum Elisa myostatin levels in all three groups, but a rise in muscle strenght and a 23% increse in muscle bulk in the normal over the age og 40 group. Positive changes were also noted in the other two groups including a reduction in a blood nezyme known to reflect muscle breakdown. The data provided supportive clinical and laboratory evidence that a fixed peptide sequencing of arginine, ornithine, and glycine(in correct ration) competitively inhibited the effect of myostatin on skeletal muscle. This peptide complex was noted to decrease myostatin levels in the context of improving strength, endurance, and muscle size in normal and disease states. this peptide complex forms the key ingredient in 'Doc's Formula'.

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