When it comes to building muscle, you push yourself to lift more as a routine. You challenge yourself by out-benching. You need products that support you by building and repairing your muscles as you work to get stronger.

• Doc's Formula promotes and increases muscle
• Doc's Formula triggers anabolic activity for permanent gains in lean and dense muscle
• University test subjects using Doc's Formula saw an increased amino acid delivery directly to muscles by 650%
• Doc's Formula is engineered with a lab-proven ratio of powerful amino acids to induce rapid muscle growth


I've been using this product for a little more than 3 months and seen great gains. This formula is just insane. This product is gonna keep me coming back. Great product.

 Josh S

This product is absolutely great. It does its job and builds muscle fast. Im only half way done with the bottle and this product has shown me results. I am happy with this product .

 Jon C